7 Characteristics Article Writing Superstars Have

So you’re going to start marketing your new article writing services? Great! Maybe you wanna become a big shot online and would love to have your blog read by tons of people. Or maybe you’d love to make money out of your content. Or maybe you’d like to write from home for a long lasting business. You might do it by writing epic pitch pages for your own products or smart detailed reviews of other people’s products and earn commission. Or maybe, just maybe, you just love to inspire others with your warm words. In any case, it’s all worth it. Are you ready? I know you are. Let’s go.

Produce content as good as magazine articles

1- Unlimited Self-confidence and motivation

Writers are self-confident even if they don’t realize it sometimes. They know that their words are worthy of writing. They know that their opinion could matter to others. They know They will help who read their posts or articles. They are so powerful that any of them could harvest fans of over 1 million readers. Who knows, it can be you. You just need to ummm… write, to find out. And write not just once or twice; but tons of times.

Article writers have consistent passion towards writing what’s on their minds. They consider their content as if it’s a real article writing job that they should get paid for. They love to publish just as a baby loves to play. The more they write, the more they feel better.

2- Synonymous words .. more dense content.

They read just as they write. They extract new meanings and find synonymous words. You probably heard of article writing software who automatically try to find different words carrying the same concept and address them to produce content. Good authors do that quickly using their minds not software. If you stumble upon someone who calls themselves a writer, you can easily test their claim by requesting them to write two different versions of the same article, on the condition that they should deliver the same meaning. If they succeed to deliver but fail to remove the ambiguity of expressions, then they’re not as good writers as they consider themselves. A content writer should be able to express the same ideas in different words and expressions. And that’s one of the things we’ll work on.

3- Growing passion .. Amazing outcome

Whether they’re writing for fun, satisfaction, or just using freelance writing services to generate income, everyday is an exciting day for writers. They love to drop their thoughts on whatever subject they have vast knowledge about. They have almost insane passion to their writing style and career. The good news is that even passion for writing can grow by time. It’s not a gift you get born with. It develops just like a habit. A healthy one in that case. I’ll tell you why a good writer is a whole gold package in his own existence. But that’s in a whole new separate post. Oh but still, I can give a brief overview: Sometimes I think that all you need to know is when you’re a good writer, the sky is the limit for your dreams. Especially in the world of today when information is everything.

4- Words for money, fame or free publicity.

These guys and gals are in it for business. Not necessarily for money related business. But I mean they’re not playing around. And even when they do, they still present valid points in their writing style. I for one, have somehow enough experience about SEO writing, but I always remember that satisfying search engines shouldn’t distract me from bringing up info that help users enjoy rich content as well. That’s what real writers do. You can even look at the most careless type of writers for example, the comedian style ones, you would think they always joke around without putting anything on the table of thought. And all of a sudden they’re writing things that put you in a state of “ooh, he’s right”. They follow common sense even in their most sarcastic moments. They don’t joke for the love of it. Rather, they deliver meanings and underline society problem. They have the power to make you say: “You know what, I learned something from this guy and I had a good laugh in the process”. Purely awesome. Same goes with people who write for popularity. They are more attached to quality because they “need” to be admired. How on earth are you going to become popular if your writing style is not admired by thousands of people? But don’t let that intimidate you, because a thousand fan readers always start with one happy reader.

Ok but what about the writers who are after home business income like you and myself? Well, we live by article submission. If no one reads what we have to say, how on earth are we going to feel the importance of what we wrote? We tend to spread our words around to the public so that more and more people can reach our points of view. And then probably we can make some sales off of it. Hence, suffice to say that we are under pressure just as those writers looking for fame. Why? Simply because our income can be very dependent on how valid our points are. A No-brainer isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. But hey, before we move on, for people who are hesitant about whether to write from home for passive income or not, let me tell you something: If you’re so scared to sell your wisdom for MOOLAH, It’s okay, I can’t bash you about it. But think about it. As a spare time filler and a second income stream going straight from your mind to your pocket, it’s worth thinking about.

5- convincing the masses

One of the most important characteristics of a top writer is the ability to persuade people. Listen to this carefully: You will not get paid to write without being persuasive. If your words don’t knock some doors in your reader’s mind, your words are as good as the paper before you start writing on it: “blank”. But hey, lucky for all of you starting out, even this one is attainable by practicing. In fact, the more you write, the more you start gaining all the qualifications you need to become a great content writer. It’s like a guy who never drove a car in his entire life and after 2 months of practicing he drives with the self-confidence of a Nascar racer. It’s the unfolding power of practice. Gotta love it.

6- providing possible solutions to reader problems

If you didn’t notice, one of the most important newspaper article writing techniques is presenting a problem followed by a screaming solution to it. Because when in professional writing, Your role is not only to convince people with the existence of their problems. they will believe easily it exists if you provide logic arguments. The catch is to tell them how to solve it right after you point it out for them. Otherwise, you’ll look like “the rapture guy”. you know, that guy who is standing right after every natural disaster… holding a huge sign and screaming publicly: “THE JUDGEMENT DAY HAS COME… REPENT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”. Yeah dude, we get it, we’re all gonna die. And speaking of which, I hope you burn in hell first! Just kidding, I just don’t want you to be that guy that’s all. Because we humans by nature, don’t like whiny people. We get bored of those so easily. And in the internet virtual world, if I get bored of what you’re saying, I won’t read any longer. I’ll just navigate away in a blink of eye.

So you know what to do: Highlight the problem extensively, then provide the possible solutions. possible as in doable. If your solution is very high tech or only doable by experts, a huge class of readers will turn into outcasts off your island of thoughts. They will look for another writer who can give THEM a simple yet effective answer. So make sure you’re taking care of everybody when providing solutions.

7- Always creating new ideas

Someone would say: “DUUH”. Ok Ok, I know you’re smart and you realized that this one was so obvious. But let me show you the words between the lines for this one… Being creative with ideas is not only about finding new subjects, problems or solutions. Creating new ideas is more of turning on your life photographer. You live as a writer in your every minute. Even when you’re outdoors, you start seeing situations, contradictions, similarities in things around you. And then things start to spark in your head.

Amazing writers are those people who let their day to day life situations influence their writing style and ideas. They might mention that awkward situation they came across in the restaurant that morning, not to bore you with their personal life, but to let you experience their world. They become your eyes and ears through their writing. They also will give tons of examples out of their daily life. And a man with more examples to push on the surface is a man with more valid points than just a preacher. So yes, pay attention to surroundings, you’ll get more creative before you know it.

What I want you to do after reading this article

I need you to pay attention to some points. I would like you to extract some context, grammar and paragraph structure errors in the first 7 sentences of the first paragraph. I want you to start becoming a critique of my writing style because this will help you gain the habit of extracting hidden mistakes in your own writing style later. After all, you don’t want to keep being judged by your readers do you? So you better judge your writing before others do. I want you to learn how to edit within context as quick as possible. That’s because sometimes you’ll be pressed by the time factor. I also want you to get used to writing 2000 word articles in one shot without feeling a bit tired. Yes, This seems hard at the moment, but the only reason why you find it hard right now is because you’re just getting started.

When you repeat the process for a few times…. You’ll realize that anyone with fingers can type with the quantities and qualities I mentioned above, unless they don’t use their brains at all. There’s a thin line between you as a home business writer and you as a failing writer, the latter type tends to jump to the conclusion that for some reason, “they simply can’t”. But oh well, you know what they say: If you think you can, then you do..If you think you can’t, then you’re absolutely right too. Please, think highly of yourself. You’re as good as everyone else. Same genes you know :)

Now stressing on the content length point. Although good writers do not necessarily write long articles, but those who do are more rich in thoughts and idea expressing. In the writing business, quality and quantity should be paralleled. So about that… I have something to say: This article is 1700 words long. And I didn’t even notice that it’s getting lengthy until it became 980 words long. You know why? No, not because I’m Chitchatty. But because when you get used to writing, you’ll just write thousands of words in one go without feeling tired.

Do not, I repeat, Do not count words when writing as it will be a huge distraction. forget how many words you’ve managed to write. Just write already and you’ll easily start making those 800-3000 word monster articles. Just choose a subject you can rant about and plot your own writing style onto it. In The near future, you’ll amaze yourself with some “quickly written” brilliant content. Start from this moment. And keep on doing it every day or two. Up your word count target every week by 100 words. Unleash your power. And show us what you got.

I hope you reach the mountain high of success with your article writing job. Thanks for following up.

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