How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to make money blogging for free, even if your website has nothing to do with writing content.

Why it should work for you

Because it worked for me when I had nothing to invest into building my first website. It was a health related website that I wrote a few static HTML articles for. Then I created a short ebook to sell and then realized that I should power up the whole domain with a wordpress blog. I applied the simple technique below and after 6 months I got a sale offer for the domain including the website for $900. Yep, $900 from only a $21 worth website (domain cost $9 and a yearly hosting cost of $12). And what did I do? I did not sell it, and it was a good call. Because by now It still generates generous ad clicks and sales; so a sale for $900 now would seem even more underestimated than ever. That’s one site. It then became a habit. And why the hell shouldn’t it be… It’s a good way to make killer sites that generate recurring revenue. Why this should work for you again? Because it did for me before I have a dime. If you would like to know more quick but paid ways of making money blogging, I’ll be posting another post about it. So stay tuned.

Why blogging

Blogging is all about writing words. If you have a website that has no written content on it, most likely you’ll have to double your marketing efforts in order to get noticed. This sad fact drove many e-commerce webmasters into utilizing black hat techniques to get their websites promoted faster. The nature of e-commerce websites makes it hard to include written content. But then there was another great option that is not only ethical, but also lucrative. That’s right, it’s blogging folks. The world of words.

In that world, your thoughts are your money makers. You come up with a good post idea. You start dividing it into sub-ideas. Then you start explaining each sub-idea. Congrats, you’ve got yourself a post. A whole page on your site consisting of your own written thoughts. It doesn’t get cooler than this.

Although it’s not as easy as it sounds. The writing part can be a great skill earned through time and practice. Don’t listen to those who say discouraging things about writing as if they’re the $h!t. They’re not. People who experience writing for a long time know that it’s not a gift you get born with. You just get it by doing it over and over again. But hey, for the reason that this post is about making money blogging not about how to be a good writer, I’ll point you to a post where I rant about how to become a post writing superstar. A must read if you ask me.

Not a blogger? No problem

A blogger is not a title you earn after passing a certain exam or something of that sort. I have never been a blogger. I’m a writer. There’s a big difference. Blogging was never my job. In fact, This is the only website that I bother writing my own rant on. Most of my other sites are all about products and services that have blogging sections attached to them. I outsource the writing efforts for their blogs to professional freelancers who like to get paid writing. I also give a link love for guest writers who are willing to write for free. Although I have written tons of articles for several article directories along with a bunch of freelance writing projects, Blogging was never my thing. Now it’s a different deal. Why did I decide to blog? For many reasons. But what encouraged me even more is this…

Don’t be that blogger

I see too many webmasters calling themselves top notch bloggers while all they do is write either short, redundant or false cr@p and start getting crazy at collecting paid ha..ha…haaaatchuuubacklinks for each post. The post they write is useless, no value in it for the reader and is just another filler page in the hope that visitors will click an ad or buy through an affiliate link. Good job, you just added one spam page to the empire of internet spam. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, chances are you’re not familiar with the concept of websites and ranking. I invite you to go ahead and read how to make money with websites. Anyway those so-called bloggers are pretending authority while I can squash them in a heart beat if we go head to head. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be that guy but it pisses me off to see too many fake faces. “Fake” always grinds my gears. So yeah, it’s on.

But for those who are genuine writers, I still learn from you guys and gals. You should know who you are and I’d like to tell you that you keep inspiring me all the time through your posts. I owe you a lot and I’d go to the extent to say that your words helped me succeed in the website business. I remember the days I was the Noob, and you were the inspiration. I can’t thank you enough.

Don’t be that guy who runs over to get clicks and sales. Money comes in the last few steps of your work. It’s not the first, second or third priority in your To-Do list. If you remember this all the time, you’ll be able to make it. But hey, let me show you the To-Do list first.

1- The magic number is arbitrary

Yes, I need you to write an arbitrary number of not less than 30 posts on your new blog. they should be long enough. Maybe between 1000-3000 words each. Fill them with words from your heart. Pour what you know about your industry within those posts. Don’t make them useless fillers. This should be done within either a month or two, doesn’t matter. You will always wait for Google to index all the pages on your blog. You will add your new blog to Google webmaster tools so you can track it. You will also write as if many people are already reading your each post. You’ll trick yourself into thinking that your audience is getting bigger every time you write a new post. This mind trick can enhance your writing performance more than you would imagine. You will never promote any of those start up posts within the first month or two.

The reason why I did not want you to start promoting each post right after writing it, is that your blog can’t seem very interesting too early. It ill raise suspicious flags for smart search engines like Google. Two months of being discrete looks normal for new blogs. This also has a great advantage because search engines will start to index your pages naturally on their own terms without any intervention from your part. You can never get Sandboxed using this technique. (Sandbox: is being thrown into the bottom of search engine result pages, people will most likely never find your site when they search for a term related to your site)

Expected Exposure: None
Expected Profit: Zero
Expected Posts: 30+
Expected Period: 2 months

2- Got promoted?

By now, I’ll assume you have 30 long well-written posts in two months. And they’re all indexed and cached by Google. Now go tell the world you’re here. Everyday you’ll start promoting one post on a different blogcarnival. Then you’ll do the same with social sites. For example post No.1 will be posted to one or two carnival in blogs related to yours. That post will also be shared publicly on Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ etc.. Tomorrow is for post No.2 and so on. By the end of this month (Month No.3 in your blog age), you’ll have 30 shares on each of the social sites. However, that’s not the end of the story, you’ll actually add more posts to the blog within the third month so your blog gets more roots. 15 more posts in this exact month is great – one post every two days.

Expected Exposure: 25%
Expected Profit: Zero
Expected Posts: 45+
Expected Period: 1 month

3- Get Talkative

Your socially promoted posts might and might not create a buzz at this point. It all depends on how interesting your writing style and topics are. But that’s not what you’ll be worrying about at this point. You’ll have to become social yourself. Start talking on other related blogs. I have to be honest about this one, I really didn’t like the idea of engaging with other blogs. I didn’t like to wander around blogs to submit my opinion of their posts in the form of commenting. But once I pushed myself to do it, it struck me as very, I mean very, useful. If you know about your blog’s main theme very well, most likely you’ll get insane votes and incoming links from your fellow bloggers. This type of links is the greatest. By engaging, you’ll be mentioned along with your blog name and URL. Yes, I’m aiming at commenting on other people’s posts in your industry. If they like your $h!t, they’ll most likely mention you some how. But hey, if they do, make sure to remember them in your upcoming posts as well. You should appreciate that they think highly of you. Be their friend. After all, they are your allies. While doing this, the only thing that needs to be done at this point, is writing more posts. 15 more is enough.

Expected Exposure: 50%
Expected Profit: Zero
Expected Posts: 60+
Expected Period: 1 month

4- Start making money

By this phase, you’ll be able to start introducing paid blog posts (Remember: with NoFollow links within posts) using the power of blogsvertise. You simply submit your blog URL to blogsvertise and complete the required info about that blog. A few days later you should be getting offers from advertisers requesting you to either plot their ads on your blog or write reviews on their brands in exchange for at least $5 per post. In the latter case, use pictures and organize your review posts so you can attract more advertisers and ensure professional look of your job.

You’ll also start introducing products for your visitors. Whether your blog is just a complementary section of your site, or it’s the main site itself, you can always offer products of your own or promote other people’s products in return of a commission. By now you should have some readers that share your posts and like the way you deliver thoughts. These people can be your first buyers. Also if your blog is well SEO optimized, you can get search visitors that are potential buyers.

Create a product review category on your blog and start reviewing products you liked and tried. Include your affiliate links in the review posts so you can get the commission you deserve when a reader buys through your link. Best place to find profitable products is clickbank.com. Create your account and pick products that are high in “gravity” and low “refund rate”. Then get your affiliate URL for each product and include it nicely within the review post.

If you have products of your own, you can always talk about them in posts. Describe the product very well, talk about its advantages and how it will benefit the buyer. Then include a link to the product page on your site.

If you think promoting or selling products is not your thing. No problem, you can always start plotting ads on your blog pages so that people can click on them whenever they find them interesting. This way you’ll get paid per click. Which is awesome if your blog gets a decent amount of visitors per day.

Expected Exposure: 70%
Expected Profit: $30-$200
Expected Posts: 75+
Expected Period: 1 month

End Results after 4 months

By now, you should realize that in order to make money blogging, you have to focus on writing, promoting, then engaging. By the end of the fifth month, you now have 75+ published posts in total. You should have completed 70% of your exposure task. And you might have already engaged with tons of your fellow bloggers. Now you’ll be making from $30 to well over $200 at the end of month No.5.

I know it involves work. But It pays off and the system works. It’s all that matters. So are you going to make some money or not? If you’re a material for success and willing to go for it, don’t start getting busy before you know about the fatal mistakes bloggers must avoid.

From This point on, everything you do is a blog energy booster

Everything you do from now on should enhance your blog performance. Please do the following as it will have high impact on the future of your blog:

  • Keep optimizing your posts: Add illustrative images. Add related videos. Add Infographics because everyone loves them.
  • Share posts of the best people in your industry: Get more exposure by mentioning the best posts in your niche. Start making posts that focus on showcasing other bloggers recent work.
  • NoFollow unrelated links: Always NoFollow any affiliate or unrelated external links. This should keep your blog away from search engine penalties.
  • Include important terms in titles: Always keep the search engine visitor in mind. See what they will most likely search for and include it in your title so they can easily find you when they search for it.
  • Keep expanding on your topics: You never know what topic within your niche can be more lucrative. You should constantly experiment with more topics related to your industry so you can have an idea which brings the most money.

Christ! That was long. Thanks for keeping up you guys. Until next post, start applying my free 4 month technique today.

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4 Responses to "How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners"

  1. Jenny Baldwin says:

    Hi Medo. Do you really still do this free?
    or you just do it the paid way…

  2. A-list blogger says:

    Did this method work for you joe? i mean did you experience this 5 month technique or you’re just assuming…

  3. Medo Joe says:

    Good question Jenny. I used to do it the free way when I first started. Now I outsource only the time-consuming tasks. But I have to say that it usually doesn’t cost me much. The things that cost me a lot are all site-performance related additives like design, themes, site speed and premium plugins etc..

  4. Medo Joe says:

    Although I don’t like the A-list nickname :p but yes, I did it with a few blogs and it worked like charm. Try it out, 5 months of this plan will definitely pay off.

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