Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Part 1


In this part of the legit work at home job series, I’m going to talk to you about one of the coolest way to earn money from WeGoLook.com. The reason why it’s cool is that it allows you to go outdoors and explore stuff then get paid. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all about leaving your home. You can look at products online and still be paid. Now let’s see how it’s done.

What is We Go Look?

When someone in the United states for example needs to buy a house in a different state, Most likely they’re going to have to travel a long distance in order to take a look at that house. This will lead to an extra spending for traveling solely. But with WeGoLook.com, it’s never the case. By hiring people, hopefully like you, who work with WeGoLook, the customer exists in two places at once. You as the looker will be the client’s eyes and ears. You will see the products, analyze its pros and cons, then report back. You then get paid. Simple isn’t it?

Who is this work at home opportunity for?

WeGoLook is for people looking to be self employed. Those are called “Lookers”. They should be already living in United Stated, England, Canada or Australia. You also have to be at age of 21 years or older. If you live in one of the above countries, most likely you will have a career with WeGoLook.com by tonight. Make sure you provide your full correct information before submitting.

What products can I be looking at?

From homes to automobiles, you can be looking at any product that the consumer is unable to review. You then can take pictures of the product and become the observer of the product’s state. A common way of conducting a “Look” is to choose products sold on auction sites lile eBay or Classified sites like Craiglist.

How do I get paid?

Like all current Lookers, you will be paid by check. This shouldn’t be a problem especially that the country you reside in has no problem with checks payments unlike many international countries.

How much will I get paid?

Typically not less than $25 per look. But if you receive more than one assignment for the exact or near location, it might be a little less in payment. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I think it’s very good minimum payment standard in exchange of a quick visit to a product location nearby.

When do I get paid?

You get paid working as a looker every two weeks. This is great considering your fellow workers get paid only once a month. I told you before, unlike day jobs, work from home jobs are more secure and quicker in payment terms. You don’t have to wait the whole month to be able to get paid.

Am I tied to any time pressure?

Before you choose a product to look at, you have no pressure at all. No one is standing over your shoulder telling you to go look for a certain product. Instead, YOU are the one that picks the products to look at whenever you see an interesting listing on WeGoLook.com. That being said, please do not harm your reputation by picking a product then failing to observe it. Do not pick a product to look at unless you’ve allocated enough of your spare time for it. Clients of WeGoLook pay good money and they expect professional business conduct from your part as a looker.

What Expertise do they require from me?

None! You’re just an observer. Even if the product has technical features or has moving parts, all you have to do is make sure its functional and that’s it.

Are you sure it’s not scam, Joe?

Before I present any work from home job opportunities on MedoJoe.com, I do my research very well. I do this for many reason but the most important one is I can’t be risking my reputation on a review of any site in the world. I don’t get tempted if they will pay me to make them look like stars, I make money already so I’m not gonna screw people around just to make a few more bucks. And the end result for today’s research is that I decided to write a full blog post on this job. So yeah, you have nothing to worry about. This place makes loads of money off lookers that it should be staying around for good.

Until next legit work at home job, keep getting paid you guys.

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4 Responses to "Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Part 1"

  1. dvb says:

    Wow I would love to work as a looker. I signed up for the application a few moments ago. Let’s see how it goes

  2. Medo Joe says:

    Great! As joining WeGoLook is free, you got nothing to lose :) let me know about your experience with them soon dvb.

  3. I guess WeGoLook is worth a try? I just hope I get lucky when I check it out. So wish me luck y’all
    Shaun Hoobler is working online and recently posted…ultimatewowguide.com – $3My Profile

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