Top 5 Best Website Types That Make Money

The phase of static html sites is almost over. It’s really awaiting extinction. With the capabilities of dynamic websites using programming languages like PHP, the sky is the limit. The ability to create pages on the fly is absolutely powerful. And you know, while we always take advantage of science improvement day by day in real life, why not use it to the full extent inside the internet. Or, in our case, why not use it to the advantage of our own websites? Before we continue further, I need you to read the article that will tell you how to make websites that work. Afterwards, recognize the top list of money making websites below. If you’re a webmaster, chances are you’re going to be the most fortunate type of people who work online from their sweet home. You have a variety of ways to make money, but let’s see how.

1- Holy-Hell Idea websites

Just like new ideas that made college students tons of money, you can also come up with your own cool idea that pulls in loads of cash. You take that idea and plot it onto a new website. And then you start promoting it socially. This can be a huge win if your idea is worth exploring by online users. If you don’t have a new idea for your website, and would like to expand an old idea with for example much better user experience, you need to take a look around on a few websites to have a basic knowledge about what you need to replicate and successfully integrate within your unique content.

Tip: Broaden your perspective when trying to get unique website ideas. Take customer tendencies into consideration before choosing your idea. Ask yourself, what would visitors love to see on your website? Use Google to find what people are seeking but no online solution for. Then present it to them in a cool way. Also make sure your website design is user friendly and fun. Most importantly, design your site in a way that will interactive to user clicks. This could be accomplished by giving short descriptions next to submit buttons to help new comers recognize what’s your website idea all about.

2- Template Websites

This one is uses a php script to manage your templates portal. You basically sell other people’s templates for commission. Or if you have your own templates, and you think they’re cool enough to attract buyers, then you can go ahead and upload them through your portal admin area. The common mistake I notice in this type of websites is that they sell templates on a domain with an awful layout. Talk about irony.. Wink wink.

Tip: Register for an affiliate account with Themeforest and use a PHP script to integrate all its templates on your website using your own unique design. This will create hundreds if not thousands of pages on the fly for your template business. Having a script for showcasing your templates could cost a bit but it will be a one-time payment and you got yourself a fully working online business for the years to come.

3- How-To websites

These involve more work unless you hire someone to provide the tutorials on your behalf. With a high quality, dense and comprehensive how-to website, you’re able to pull in the higher majority of web surfers: The free information seekers. Those are not willing to spend money on info as much, but can quickly be converted into loyal customers if you know how convince people into taking action. And even if they don’t buy something on your site, they can click ads that relate to their subject of interest.

Tip: I recommend using a dynamic script with an admin area to manage your how-to site. Or you can use a Wiki-style content management system for an easier way to make it. Remember that a How-To website involves a lot of work and attention. Don’t start it unless you’re absolutely persistent in providing valued tutorials. Also notice that this type of websites needs to be updated more frequently. So every time you need a tutorial idea, research, extract and arrange some useful steps each time you encounter a new tutorial idea.

4- Social app sites

Think of how many programmers out there make money out of selling their social application website scripts to webmasters. But more importantly, think of how too many webmasters are making a killing by using these scripts as app websites. Think of how many followers your app can yield for your site. Or how viral your app can go, taking your website with it to the high traffic carnival. If you’re looking to start a new website but can’t find the best type, this type might be a good start for a cash maker.

Tip: Start by hiring a programmer at freelance websites. There are many you can choose from online. Explain in detail what will the app look like. Tell them how to you want it to be integrated in your website layout. Remember to research similar apps to get your own app style and idea different from other existent ones. Add your own touch to the app website and the more it seems like a web 2.0 design, the better.

5- Webmaster related websites

The world of webmasters has no edges. From HTML, CSS, Search engine optimization, content type, programming scripts and design, all the way to internet marketing and profit generation. And much much more. This kind of websites is a grand package for those looking for a long term business. Sites like these can yield huge readership and multiple income venues. The only hinder here would be your capability of giving value in such techie stuff. Do you have a basic knowledge about html or designing using say Photoshop? Or can you talk extensively about ranking techniques or visitor attraction methods? Do you have a smart and effective ideas on how to get more traffic to any website? The broader your knowledge is about the WWW arena, the more value you can give to your readers. Hence more income by tunneling big readership into a buying mode.

Tip: If you have no knowledge about this type of websites but would love to know more about the subject, you’re already in the right place. Enjoy our detailed webmasters posts. Also feel free to have long reads on different tech blogs. Learn as much as you can before starting this one out. It will pay off really well later. Better believe it!
Also arrange your site into posts under post categories using wordpress. WordPress tech blogs tend to rank high in search engines. Especially those with lengthy articles that provide detailed explanations. This is because these websites have many different branches and sub-categories to talk about.

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12 Responses to "Top 5 Best Website Types That Make Money"

  1. maykool says:

    Wow You actually made me number 2 in your list :p I wanna kiss you right now. Thanks for thinking highly of my site. really looking forward to make every single participant get paid fairly for their work.

  2. Jennifer Rep says:

    Another good top 5 post. and by the way Thank You! for mentioning our work at home opportunity in your top 5 list post. overall I always enjoy your posts Joe :)

  3. Medo Joe says:

    Maykool, Thank you, I wouldn’t say No to a kiss from you and you know it. Lol. And for the fairly payment part, this is what my readers expect from you as well. To your great success.

  4. Medo Joe says:

    Hey Jenni :) you’re most welcome. Your effort in the website design is really appreciated in our community too by the way.

  5. Jim McAvoy says:

    I was wondering if you wish to do some guest posting on my money site? I can pay for your posts if you like.

  6. Monster Writer says:

    I enjoy reading your stuff man :) The way you go out on a limp and swear within posts lol funny. Thanks for the new directory I’ve added my site by the way.

  7. Medo Joe says:

    Jim, Glad you like the posts. Unfortunately, I’m too busy writing stuff for this blog and for article directories as well. I will surely notify you by Email once I have the opportunity to contribute to your sites. And for the charge, I will be charging 2k per post. Just kidding :) I’m not into paid posts but I would appreciate a link back to my blog within my posts if that’s relevant to your readers.

  8. Medo Joe says:

    Monster writer, I’m more than happy to hear this. And thanks for participating in the work at home directory. Your website is the first link in the directory. Someday it might become one of the biggest directories on the web and then I’ll make sure your listing gets featured for being the first to ever list a site on it :).

  9. Sun worker says:

    I would choose the template website. But i guess it needs tons of work to make it popular.

  10. Medo Joe says:

    This is half right half wrong, worker. Because although it would need more effort to promote, it wouldn’t be that hard to get noticed especially that this niche has loads of supportive fellow websites that can get you noticed quicker than usual. I personally like niches related to web tech and design because they tend to give higher authority when they link to you. More sites, more exposure

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