Work From Home Directory Launched

MedoJoe.com is not the only website for people looking for job opportunities online. There are a lot of beautiful places where you can learn how we do it. Therefore and as promised, if you have a related website, that website belongs in our directory. The directory is ready. Feel free to add link to your site onto work from home directory.

Before you get busy. Please, don’t add URL until you read our work from home directory rules. In order to avoid getting rejected. Try to correct any issues mentioned in the page aforementioned before you submit link to the directory.

Here are some tips to get the most of our project:

1- Link Back to MedoJoe.com

Spread the love. Copy and paste the code appearing on the submission page into a reachable page on your site – must be reachable from the homepage. Link should be DoFollow as it’s a closely related site and won’t harm your SEO. Don’t worry about your link either, we will DoFollow your listing as well.

<a href="http://medojoe.com/" target="_top">work from home<a/>

2- Ensure a better design for your work at home site

If you have a wordpress site, chances are you won’t have to worry much about this one. Even if you don’t like your current theme, it’s now easy to find some wonderful themes – paid and free. Please keep this in mind, if we don’t like your layout, we won’t let you in. We would like to remind you that this is not for us, it’s for those who are going to check your site out. By having a good looking site, you give our users the feel of a professional website. Hence you might get larger exposure.

3- Make sure you don’t submit link to spammy sites

If your website consists of some few thin posts or articles, then most likely you’ll never make it to the work from home directory. Polish your website first. Include some valuable info in it. Don’t make it obviously spam. Otherwise we’ll have to ignore it.

4- Forget about your internal links

For faster approval, never try to list your site’s internal links. Links other than the homepage URL will be immediately rejected. Don’t fall into this tempting trap.

5- Don’t include sites that you don’t own

If you’re trying to list your client website, sure you can do it in any place other than MedoJoe.com. We’re not here to help you improve SEO of your clients. We’re here to showcase your best performing “work from home” site. Your effort done in your own site is appreciated. Tell your client to come list his website himself, because we might contact him to correct some issues even long after you complete your project with them.

6- No blogspot blogs please

Yeah I know it might seem unfair. But if you don’t have the small cash to buy a domain and a web hosting account, then how in the world are you going to teach people to work online? I mean do you really make any money online if you can’t afford domain and hosting? Seriously answer me! This would only tell us that you’re preaching something you’re not even successful in doing. Unless your blogspot blog has a custom domain attached to it, don’t bother, we won’t take a second look at it before we reject your submission.

7- Subdomains are not websites

We could not approve neither your own subdomain nor free subdomains you get from those websites that work the same way as the blogspot example above. So please, make sure you submit the domain and make sure you also own your stuff before submitting them to our directory. We want professional reference to our users not just a bunch of free pages. This will also ensure limiting the amount of spam submissions. So please bear with me on this one too.

8- No shop-only sites

If I need to redirect my website visitors to a shop-only page, I would redirect them to a few pages on my own website. If you think that people are desperate to find a website that has nothing on it except “buy now” buttons, you’re delusional. Please submit a link to a website that not only provides products, but also valuable info. Do this, and I’ll be happy to approve your link.

9- Choose the right category

Do not forget to choose the best category that describes your site. It’s important to ensure a targeted visitor to your guide. It also eliminates any confusion for the end user. If you don’t know what category might be best for your website, choose the most related one and we’ll correct the issue for you if your choice was way off. If you submit to the wrong category, we won’t reject you like many directories sadistically do. We’ll just move your URL to a more relevant category. Categories are:

– Work at home.
– Online Jobs.
– Money Blogs
– SEO Guides.

10- Avoid posting sites that lie under the following categories:

– G@mbling
– H@te Sites.
– News sites.
– Religious.
– Political.
– Racist.
– HY!P sites.
– P*rn sites.
– Cheap-@ss sites like PTC, PTR, PTW etc…

Thanks and forgive my strong tone. If you have a respectable website then the cruel words above were definitely not for you. I only like to treat spammers this way, they make our lives harder so it makes sense that we pay them back even in the slightest form. :) I’m Looking forward to give you more exposure and visitors through our directory. Keep posting your sites.

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4 Responses to "Work From Home Directory Launched"

  1. Ian Michaels says:

    Is it free?

  2. Milo says:

    Hi Joe can i add an offline business site to your directory or should it be a home business?

  3. Medo Joe says:

    Hi Ian, thanks for your inquiry. The directory has 3 different options. One of them is completely free. You’re welcome to try any option based on your budget size or usability.

  4. Medo Joe says:

    Hey Milo. Unfortunately, we currently only accept work from home jobs. However, I’ll be creating more broader categories for this web directory soon so stay tuned.

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