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In order to be able to work from home successfully, you need websites that can really help. In this post, I’m sharing the top 5 websites I tried myself and made some good money with. Only one of them is free to join, others cost a start up fee to join. If you’re after more free-to-join websites, then you really need to check out my post: get paid working online at home for free.

Some of the websites in the current post require that you have more info on certain fields, and some of them can accept a complete beginner with no prior knowledge on the subject. But before we start presenting the websites, let’s first know how to work online like a boss. After you’ve read that post thoroughly, now you can check out the following sites and try them one by one. So let’s do this!

1- Get paid to upload Videos

Level: Beginner to Professional.
Income potential: $4 to thousands.
Website: Tube Launcher.
Cost to join: $34

If you’re like me, you’re most likely spending some quality time on Youtube®. You’re either watching or creating videos or doing both. If you do, then this job is for you. You will not do anything fancy other than getting paid for what you upload instead of doing it for free. It’s a smart deal and you’re not the only one getting benefit out of it. People who are paying you are getting massive exposure and popularity from it. Easy and effective job if you ask me. And the income potential is insane.

2- Get paid to draw

Level: Beginner to Professional
Income potential: $1 to thousands
Website: Get paid to draw
Cost to join: $37 (50% discount) on checkout, enter coupon: halfoff

If you can make pictures, you can definitely make money. If Leonardo Davinci were to live in our era, he would have smashed his head to the wall on purpose. Making money out of drawing has never been tapped before. But now it’s all yours to generate income with. The best part is, you can sell and keep reselling your work and keep getting paid for it all over again. Finally art can pay off again in ruthless the technology era.

3- Get paid to Work from No home

Level: Beginner to Professional
Income potential: $20 to thousands
Website: Work from no home.
Cost to join: $37

This one is perfect for those who want to start a website business but don’t know how to do it correctly. If you are wondering how you’re going to get visitors to your new site, or need marketing techniques that actually work, then this guide is for you. John Chow and his joint venture buddies have been in this business for years and they started selling out their expertise in return of your 37 bucks. This was a bunch of PDF and video guides that were worth my investment. They added up to my knowledge and increased my work arsenal by a notable bit. Check them out.

4- Get paid to promote products with Clickbank

Level: Intermediate to Professional
Income potential: $10 to thousands
Website: Clickbank.
Cost to join: Free

This one is free to sign up for. Clickbank has been always popular and the products you can promote there are endless. You can choose products by category, popularity, conversion rate or even refund rate. Nothing is easier than picking a great product there and make money off, especially if you have a tendency to convince people with your opinion. If you’re not yet good at encouraging readers to purchase your reviewed products, you can always wander around review blogs and you’ll be loaded with cool unique ideas for promoting stuff online.

5- Get paid to trade currencies with InstaForex

Level: Professional
Income potential: $1 to millions
Website: InstaForex
Cost to join: Initially Free – Then $10 minimum to start trading

This implies that you have a basic knowledge about the currency market. It’s a very lucrative deal and I’m one of those who can’t live without it. The currency trading industry is the only place where you can make hundreds of dollars in just a few days. And if you can’t digest that, take a look at my post where I declare $400 in 8 days working less than 1 hour a day: how to make money trading forex. A warning to you though, trading includes risk, study risk management very well before you proceed with this. If you’re a beginner, please read more of my courses on this topic.

Now what’s next: Your mindset

Once you’ve joined any of the above websites, start immediately on working! don’t waste one more day. Don’t let failure scare you. Yes, you’ll have erroneous and failure attempts, but that’s normal for a start up. The real cash making will become inevitable after a month or two after you successfully perfected your job.

Final Words: Don’t listen to demotivating people

Some people around you will tend to bring you down on your target. Never let your ears open to those. Even if they were your closest friends or parents. Chances are they don’t have any idea about how things really work online. And no matter how you try to convince them with your work ideas, they will keep being skeptic. Ignore all this. You know what, My own father and mother didn’t start believing in what I do until I started showing them some real cash. They always thought I was wasting my time and I should get myself a “real” job in their own words. And I did actually, just to shut them up :) But now that I make a lot more in a week than what I make in a whole month in the daily job, they are more than proud. And that’s enough to prove in my opinion. Don’t hesitate, start making money out of your brilliant thoughts. your brain is so precious that it can generate money on the fly, it just needed to know how. And now that it does, nothing more to wait for. Start from this minute.

Best wishes of success for all of you teenagers, dads and moms looking to work online from home. I know you can do it. If I could do it, anybody can. Don’t forget to ask me any questions in the comment section below (you have to have a facebook account in order to comment – this helps me prevent spam comments from rising up to the surface, ya know) and I’ll be happy to answer. Cheers.

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