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work-from-home-with-websitesWebsites and Domains – The perfect combination for a solid online low maintenance home job

Welcome in this great section you guys. By the time of this writing, MedoJoe.com is 8 months old and hosts 7 good posts. It’s practically new. No popular back links yet, no advertising ads put up, no product selling at the end of each post and definitely no bragging about any sort of Alexa traffic rank. So when you read the following post, rest assured that if you start your website right now, you’ll be starting almost with me, you’re only 7 posts late. I followed the strategy of putting up 1 post every month or two but I can’t let that happen anymore. I’ve been successful with different other markets by updating frequently. Looks like this time I started with the excuse of “oh I’m busy let’s leave it until next month”. Lazy isn’t so good for business. Let that be an alert to you too. But the good thing to know is…. I’m building this one from the ground up with you guys.

Anyway if you came here on purpose, good news, that means you’re here to do something not only smart, but profitable too. If you came to this post by chance, you’re lucky, because chances are you’re going to learn something new. This post is for absolute beginners at website building.

We will start presenting the coolest way of working from home with a website business. And how websites work to make you good money every day. After you finish this post, we help you start brain storming to choose from the best income generating website types.

This category of my website is just for people who really have the powerful patience to actually get cash out of the web. But before we proceed, you need to have an overview of yourself. I mean ask yourself, can you really commit “and maybe enjoy” doing business online? And more importantly, are you going to take the advice you encounter lightly? Do you really desperately need success? Or are you just reading for the heck of it? Because you might not know but… people making decent income just from clicking and typing on the internet actually exist. And yes, the work involved will be, in the simplest sense, a collection of clicking and typing. Nothing to invent here, just adding our productive touch.

The difference between this kind of work and any other offline work is huge. But before we dive into the differences between working from home and having a day job, let’s just have an overview over what exactly we’re going to do. It’s so important to know some details before deciding whether we should work online or not.

It’s not entirely free .. But you can make it with a Zero

This type of home work can be started with zero startup capital. Yes, it’s not recommended in my point of view but it’s easily possible however. I’ll give you the reason why I don’t want you to start it all up for free later. For now I’m going to talk about one of the most important episodes of online work….. The smart website business.

“I’m Excited To See me On the Web”, Says the startup

There’s nothing cooler than snatching your own www.you.com website. It’s like earning a piece of the internet. You now have pages of your own that you can put whatever you like on. If you want to upload videos or pics to your site, go right ahead and do. It’s like your own fully paid for home. No one can stop you from making a killer site. But behind that feeling. you get to experience different other feelings…. more exciting ones. The feeling of seeing your own virtual property making you money while you’re away or sleeping. Let’s get into the steps of making you a good website from scratch right away. Follow the following 4 steps and you’ll be heading to where you’d love to go.

Get the cool domain and make it a frickin website

Most of normal internet surfers have no clue what domain names or websites are. They just know that they have to type a certain syntax structure in the browser bar and press ENTER. It’s alright, these are technical stuff. Right? Wrong. There are so many people out there starting out with zero knowledge about websites and later on they have like 4000 page website published after few months. How do they do that? Simple, they learned this……

– Building a website is a lot easier than most web users think. In fact, they would be surprised after they try it out for the first time.

– a Domain name is a name you choose for website. The word you put between the WWW. and .COM is a domain name. Example: wwww.domainname.com … You can buy a unique domain domain name from registrars like These guys.

– A website is all kinds of files that you can publish on your domain right after you “host the domain” at a webhosting provider. Example: the same guys.

– Free startups ignore previous links and just go right ahead to blogger to create your new website “or blog as we call it” for free with a few clicks of your mouse.

Quality lengthy content for a delicious website

Let your visitors eat up your content. Let them have more useful pages to navigate for. So now that you have a website setup. You need to start writing for it. I’m not saying writing some 400 word post/article to create a page on your site. You have to write lengthy informative posts about things you know well about. These things must be somehow profitable. If you don’t know about a field that can have related online products, you can always put ads on your site and let it generate revenue through clicks of your visitors. I can’t stress enough on how much you should focus on your content. And more importantly, how original it should be. Don’t copy stuff from others. It just won’t work. Trust me on this.

In order to be able to make lengthy informative posts, you have to acquire the right mindset. Your mindset when writing will push you accordingly to produce the type of content you would be proud of. For example, are you writing just for filling up your website with pages? If so, forget about this whole thing and go watch your favorite show instead. Because sooner or later, you’d be having a 1000 page website with garbage on it.. sorry but it’s the harsh truth. Or, are you writing because you’d like to bait people into buying one of your products or services? If so, that’s fine, you won’t be the only one to do it. But, big but.. Don’t get caught in the process and start doing something stupid that will hurt you. Don’t trick people into buying something from you which is not of value to them. You will be shooting yourself in the foot here. Never ever do something that is not of value to your reader/visitor. It’s utterly bad for business.

For me, I write for people to learn from Medo Joe’s experience and past mistakes. If I’m going to put a website that holds my name, then I will most definitely try to make it as genuine as possible. I don’t like to give people the impression of a professional blogger at first, only for them to find out that I was dumping useless ideas. It’s a waste of time for both of us. I lose a loyal reader, the reader loses the motivation to receive value because I will have given them a bad impression on free blogging.

For people who think that content should be scrapped from here or there, relax, please! Are you really that naiive to think that copied content will put you among big brands or high authority blogs? You’re delusional. I’m warning you from the start here: Do not fall into the trap of having too many useless pages, it won’t impress anyone other than you. Rather, focus on making lengthy informative posts along your way. Hell, make like 7 posts of 3000 words each and you’ll be finishing more than 35% of the content marathon.

Don’t let the idea of “readers could hate long posts” scare you. In fact, if your article is not dense, it’s not of real value. The reader will notice that in the first 500 words and they will most likely keep reading in enthusiasm if they like what you’re saying. I was not much of a reader myself and some great bloggers online made me a reader that can feel okay reading 3000 words in one go. Don’t get caught up on the negative way of assessing your readers ability. Your visitor is your treasure. They will listen to what you have to say. So why not give them something useful and thick? Forget about how many readers will complete reading your yesterday’s article. Forget about whether your articles will attract many or few visitors. Traffic generation will be covered in the next point. Just care more about making your website different and most importantly, a lot more useful.

You might scratch your head thinking: how am I supposed to write 2k or 3k words in one article? Well it’s easier than you imagine. See the way I talk to you write now? isn’t it just more of a friend-to-friend talk? It’s like we’re sitting together at starbucks chatting about our future. That’s how you say thousands of words every single day without even noticing. Just do the same on your blog pages. It really is as simple as that. If your website niche is all about cats for example, pour your experience in the field onto your posts and you can maake tens if not hundreds of lengthy useful posts along the months ahead.

Talk to your readers with conscious care. Don’t be that guy who runs to open a website only to find out years later that he has completed a project of nonsense. If you separate yourself from your readers or put yourself in a higher position, you’re doomed. Don’t be that guy who thinks he’s the sh** and everybody else are losers. Don’t diss your readers. You know, maybe they will become your real source of income someday.. Just maybe! Treat your visitors with respect. Talk to them humbly and encourage them to ditch bad attitudes in business and follow healthy conduct business-wise. Care about their development and they will come over and over again. Gain their friendship also and you’ll be on top of the world.

Example: I have a fellow blogger who is so smart. He still has a successful network of websites that generate revenue day in and day out. And then someday, he decided to get into the challenge of entering a very competitive niche. It’s the “make money online” industry. Very, so very competitive niche. He then pawned everybody else in the competition and not just that…. He also built an unbelievable base of loyal loving readers who were willing to buy the air if he decided to sell it to them. And what did he do? He actually gave them everything for free. He blogged and showed them how exactly he can beat any competition in any online business. And the return was …. tons of ads clicks and tons of cash into his pocket. Just for helping people rank their websites in the search engines for free. Isn’t this story a real life example of what really happens when you give your visitors love and caring along with a lot more value?

Link to your posts from your other posts. Let people grasp as much of your valuable content as possible. Let them stay longer on your website. It’s a good sign of a growing business. For example, in this post I’m going to point you to read an inspiring post I wrote lately. This post talks about how to easily handle barriers ahead on your way to success and keep moving towards your goal. Ok, while reading you encountered the previous link and if you click it, it will open in a new tab. Some of you will read the other post and some of you won’t but the important thing is, an extended reading could even open the door for more of your readers to learn more and more from you. Don’t forget that although some of them only came to your website searching for a specific piece of info, that can also mean they might get interested to know more of your experience on different subjects. Seems logic? Ok, because it is.

Don’t trick your users into doing things that will only make you money but give them zero benefit. It’s the ultimate sin for people who work online. Don’t be silly. If you think you can get away with deceiving your readers, you’ll wake up someday finding zero readers inside your website. Only then you’ll start discovering the cruel fact: you’ve been doing it wrong. Instead of building ongoing trust with your visitors, you kept chasing them away. Good job! So pretty please, don’t be that guy.

Now build a big readership base

Huge Traffic Target: The last remark focused basically on quality lengthy content per page and they way you should treat your readers with. But why should we care much about what visitors think? After all, we might only want them to click some ads or buy some affiliate product that we’re promoting, right? Wrong. The thing is, you are in desperate need of returning satisfied visitors in order to turn your blog into a money making machine. Visitors are called “traffic” in this business. So long story short, you need recurring traffic in order to make money, and in order to get profitable returning visitors you need quality content that gives benefit to those visitors otherwise they will leave quickly and never return. Think of them as your loyal customers that you would love to keep around for as long as your website is alive. So in order to get huge traffic, you need to go back and re-read the previous remark about creating quality content. Point delivered? Good.

If you’re more conscious about your business needs, you would definitely choose to collect your visitors emails so you can build a crazy huge customer base. This way you ensure you’re going to be in contact with them later on when you have something of real value to sell or promote online. This is done by having a “newsletter” form on your website. It’s easy to install through all kinds of blogs, either on free or paid ones.

How to rank your new business website better than the masses in your niche

Although I see tons of bloggers out there talking about making money creating websites from home, too few of them talk about how to even rank them for profit. They just point you to a registrar to buy a domain and tell you to write content and they leave you as the only reading that content. They simply don’t cover one of the most crucial aspects of an aspiring business: which is to to become discovered in the first place. In order to get visitors you will either need to grow popular among the social community online, or attract traffic searching for your valued information visa search engines. I use social marketing myself but I use it lightly. So I’m going to dive into the biggest source of traffic, search engine traffic.

People type words in the search field to find what they are looking for. There are billions of people around the world using Google today to find stuff. some people search for products they’d like to buy online. some are searching for written info. Some are searching for pics or videos. And some are just searching for an essay to complete their college or school research. How about I tell you that you could get more and more of those along the line of your website livelihood? Did you know that search engine traffic by itself can be your most lucrative source of income?
Did you know that traffic from search engines is 90% more profitable than traffic from Facebook or Twitter? Read on, please.

Search traffic is awesome. By logic, people search for what they need, they then find your site showing up in the search results, they then click on your site. Voila, you have got yourself a targeted visitor who is looking for exactly what you have to offer them. Because they searched for it and the search engine found a page on your site that is related to the user search term. By the way for those who don’t know, any search term written by the user in the search field is called “a keyword”. So for example my post title includes the keyword “work online from home”. If someone searches for that term and my post showed up in the first few search results, then most likely I will have a new visitor tapping into my post to read and get informed about what they just searched for. It’s a win-win situation. I got myself a targeted visitor that is more likely to click a related ad or buy a related product. At the same time, the visitor should come out of my website with useful info (which was why he entered my website in the first place).

So to sum it all up: You need search traffic. No question about it. And how you do that? By boringly and repetitively producing keyword targeted useful and lengthy content (back to remark number 2. above). It all comes down to content. Here’s how:

– You write useful posts with targeted keywords.
– You start getting noticed by other blogs and websites related to your business
– You start passively getting voting links from these websites, also called inbound or back links
– The more incoming links/votes you receive the more you will rank for your target keywords.
– Rinse and repeat. Ya heard

Did I say something new here? Yes, a new thing to learn here is to choose your content keywords carefully. I see many website owners who put words in their description or post that are completely irrelevant to what they offer. A website about working from home should not include a lengthy post about how to feed your bird. It’s stupid and will confuse the search engine robots on whether your website is really talking about online work or birds. Do you need to do something else other than choosing the right keywords and writing good content? Nop, just keep making outstanding posts and you’ll keep getting voted for from smart people in your industry. They will mention your post in their posts as a link to your site. which also means some of their visitors will click on your link and come see what you have to offer. Great!

But word of caution here, don’t listen to those gurus who might suggest you go get your inbound links yourself. it’s a manipulative way that will eventually get you in trouble. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot on this one too. Search engines will not take prisoners in such case and will most likely ban your site for good or at least penalize it. Being penalized for example by Google, means you will not see your website ranking in the first page, not the second or even the third. You will be Sandboxed. Which means no traffic, no profit. You have been warned.

Professional looking business websites VS crappy ones

We humans are amazing. Although we love ourselves so much, we tend to do stuff that hurts us the most. And one simple example of this way of behaving is the website designing dilemma. More bloggers are talking about making money with a website and less are talking about making the money making website more of a professional business. I’m not talking about super duper design that could cost you thousands of dollars. I’m talking about simple-smart webdesign that will make you look like a pro website developer. Readers trust what they read if they find value in it. But they also trust the website if they like what their eyes see. MedoJoe.com layout costs me minimal fees that a young school student can afford. Nothing fancy but I keep getting thumbs up on the design so I think most of you guys like it.

The easiest way to have a professional looking design is to go ahead and use wordpress.org blogs on your own domain name. The good thing nowadays is that you can install wordpress blogs with a few clicks from your hosting provider control panel. Once you have wordpress installed, you can find thousands of themes for your blog, of which you’ll find some of the most eye catching designs. However, don’t overdo things. Try not to fill your pages with heavy flash, excessive videos, scripts etc… If your website design is making your site load slower, then you’ve got a problem with everything starting from visitor amount all the way to conversion.

Before you go to the next post; Work From Home With Websites Part 2, start taking action now, and start building your own empire of valuable content. Until next time. thanks for keeping up.

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  1. Victor Tatro says:

    Thanks for the free info. im new to this whole thing so i think im going to literally do what you said in hope it would work for me. great tutorial .although i did not read the first part of this series…..yet

  2. Medo Joe says:

    No worries Victor. This is the first part so you’re right at the start. Best luck with your new website.

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